Letter to our Loyal Customers,                                                    3/15/2024


     With a very heavy heart we are announcing the winding down of Dollar Daze.   It's been a log ride as we are 32 years old this year.  Some of you have been shopping with us the entire time!!! We want to thank all our loyal customers from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us for so long!!!   We would not have made it without your word of mouth recommendations and your continued support.

We will miss you.

​This is what is happening now.

The property in Midland has sold and we are closing that location now.

            Closing by June 6th, 2024.

The property sold very quickly and we had already purchased merchandise for this location and we are still bringing in new merchandise which will all be 15% off until further notice.

Houghton Lake location has been listed but not sold.

         We hope to be open through the summer which is likely.

         After a building sells, we will have 3.5 months to vacate.

Mount Pleasant  and Clare locations will remain open for the entire year and into 2025.   Estimated closing is the end of March, 2025.  We are working on putting these up for sale as a going concern to keep the Dollar Daze business open with new ownership.

      Plan on getting great deals on Christmas!!!

Please check our website for all updates.

Our Mount Pleasant and Clare Properties are not under contract at this point

and will be put up for sale later in the year.  

​      We would entertain any offers for these properties as a business.

They would make a good business for someone, could that be you?

Please reach out to email , dollardazemi@gmail.com if interested.


The Dollar Daze Family


We still hove new merchandise coming in!!!  Spices,Bandanas,Tape, Overstock itemsETC   20% OFF

When Anne started the Dollar Daze business in 1992 she was 65 years old.  She went to the bank at age 75 with her 10 year plan! 

 Just goes to show, it's never too late to follow your dreams!!!

Silk Flower Fans!!!

With a heavy heart we are announcing the

Closing of our

Midland Dollar Daze Location.

Midland Location Only - Flower to remain at 15% off and they are ALL in!!!!

20% Off Storewide *


Helium Balloons and Services​​

Flowers will remain at 15% Off

Beautiful Office Furniture!!!!

Custume Made!!!

5 Sets available.  Different sizes and configurations to fit your space!!!

See the Fixtures for Sale Page

In Memory of Anne Wiltse, our Mother and Founder of Dollar Daze.

Clare, Mount Pleasant and Houghton Lake 

are not closing at this point and open for business!!!!!

Come get your favorite things while they last!!!